AdjustaRail System


The AdjustaRail System gives you the competitive edge. With its Patent Pending simple push of a button ,slide and release design, the AdjustaRail allows for very quick adjustments to match your needs.

With barricade blocks, a bipod adapter and the optional Arca-Swiss adapter for tripods, the AdjustaRail System gives you the versatility needed for the varying challenges of long range precision. Plus the system was designed to be universal, allowing you to install rails on multiple makes and models of stocks —and use the same accessories on all of them.

The barricade blocks can be adjusted “on the fly” allowing immediate changes for different shapes and sizes of objects without leaving the rail, so you never have to worry about dropping or losing them. The blocks are designed to have about 40 degrees of rotational movement to give a wide range of vector angle of movement while still wedging to the object properly.CAUTION: This will make your hit percentages on barricades higher and times faster!       Patent No.: US 10,317,163 B2

All of the accessories can be adjusted anywhere along the length of the rail in about 1/4 inch increments. The bipod adapter and barricade blocks can be slid anywhere along the rail or be removed without loosening or tightening a clamp or lever. You simply push a button, slide and release!

Most of the rails are designed to extend a little past the end of the stock to give better accuracy in the prone position and allow for greater adjustment range of the barricade blocks without removal of the bipod.

Rails are made from 4140 chromoly steel and have a black QPQ nitrided finish. Bipod adapters and barricade blocks are made from billet 6061 and 7075 aluminum with a class 3 hard anodize finish.

Dimensions: Rails are .340 inch thick x .875 inch wide and very in length according to model of stock. Complete system with bipod adapter and barricade blocks weigh 1 pound or less based on stock model.

*Other Chassis: KRG, Desert Tech, Etc. Please contact us to discuss your needs.

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