Ingenuity Powder Meter, V1,V2,V3,V4 upgrade


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Developed to save time in the load Room!!

The Ingenuity Powder Meter can be used manually or as an add-on (plug and play) upgrade to the Autotrickler V1,V2,V3 and V4 electronics, which replaces the conventional straw trickler contributing additional speed and accuracy to the system. By properly adjusting the initial powder throw and ramp speed controller, the Ingenuity Powder Meter will reduce your charge times nearly in half while still retaining the accuracy of the system as dictated by the electronics and scale being used.


For the past 60 plus years and still to this day, almost every powder weighing apparatus made utilizes a rotating tube or a vibrator by design. Both versions deliver powder in an inconsistent manor, and the faster they run the more inconsistent they become, leading to the chronic and imminent “overthrow”.


The Ingenuity Powder Meter was designed to dispense powder in a very fast, precise and predictable way. It uses interchangeable disks designed for different powders dimensions to deliver a metered amount of powder (1-2 kernels at a time) as the disk turns. The powder meter is supplied with 3 disks, 7545, 508, and 567 that will handle a vast array of the most popular powders used today.(SEE CHART ON INSTRUCTIONS PAGE) Click here

Additional specialized disks are being developed with customer feedback and will be added shortly for additional cost listed separately as they are added.($27)


Take the step that will change the way you think about reloading, add the Ingenuity Powder Meter to your reloading room and spend less time at the bench!


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